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Veterans Disability

Were you injured in the military?

You’ve been injured or diagnosed with a serious illness that was caused by your military service. You’ve filed your claim for service connected disability benefits, but you’re not sure it will be approved. Your doctors at the VA aren’t allowed to help you with the claim. Your civilian doctors aren’t familiar with veterans disability. You get conflicting information from the veterans service organizations all the way in Detroit about what do to. It doesn’t seem like there is anyone local who can help you. What should you do to get your claim approved?

We Understand.

When you are trying to get disability benefits from the VA it can seem like no one is there to help you. Claims take years to be resolved. It can seem like the VA is breaking the promise they made to you when you enlisted. If you’ve been denied, don’t give up. Many veterans with valid claims are turned down. Call us. 

Our firm specializes in service connected disability claims with the VA. We have experience in helping clients get their benefits and advising them on how to keep them. Our knowledge of the rules, appeal process, and the conditions covered by VA have resulted in our clients receiving tens of thousands of dollars in veterans benefits back pay. We have experience with PTSD, Agent Orange, Blue Water, and Camp Lejeune claims. We are here to help you. 

What is service connected disability?
Service connected disability benefits are available for medical conditions caused by active duty service. These benefits are also available for pre-existing conditions that were aggravated by your service or disability caused by VA medical care. 

How do I qualify? We need to prove that you meet all of the criteria:

  • You are a veteran who was honorably discharged and served in active duty. 
  • There was an in service event that as likely as not caused or aggravated your medical condition or you received inadequate VA medical care.
  • That your medical condition causes you at least some disability. 
  • You DO NOT have to prove that you are totally disabled. 
  • You DO NOT have to prove that you are unable to work because of your condition. 

How do I apply?
Contact your County Veterans Department to start a claim. You can also file online at or by calling 1800-827-1000 for assistance. It takes several months to get an initial decision on your claim, so apply as soon as you can. 

What if my Veterans Disability claim is denied? Call us right away. 
Our expertise will help you in the appeal process. There are several stages for appealing your case, and we can advise you on the best appeal path – supplemental claim, higher level review, or appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. We have experience representing veterans before both Hearing Decision Officers at the VA Regional Offices and Veterans Law Judges at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. We can also connect you with attorneys who specialize in appealing claims to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, a federal appeals court, if the Board has denied your claim. 

We know other areas of personal injury law and this matters. Our attorneys take a big picture view of your case. We have a knowledge of Social Security Disability, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, and personal injury laws that helps us advise you on whether or not you have a case, what compensation you can expect, and how to get it. 

Our attorneys have worked with local doctors and expert witnesses. We have faced the VA administrators, hearing officers, and judges that will be involved with your case – they know that we only take veterans disability cases that deserve benefits. We have relationship with expert medical witnesses familiar with veterans disability, who can provide evidence to help your claim. So not only are we close by to handle your needs, we also know how to best help you. It’s our expertise that’s definitely to your advantage. 

Get help with a free legal consultation.

Give us a call. Let’s talk about your or your loved one's disabilities. There’s no charge for our consultation. We’ll only receive money for our legal services if there is a recovery. Please don’t wait. The sooner we talk, the earlier you’ll know your options and the stronger case we can build for you. We’re here to make your life better.