There are reasonable and unreasonable reasons for why a car accident settlement may take a long time. Here are some common reasons.   

Reasonable reasons for why a car accident settlement may take time:

To avoid underestimating the damages

You only get one opportunity to settle your case. If you settle before you know the full extent of your damages, you may recover less than you deserve. What do you mean? Consider this example - John Smith settles his case. A few months later, John learns he needs another surgery related to the accident. John can’t go back to the insurance company and ask for more money. 

It is important that your lawyer allow enough time for your injuries and damages to be fully understood before settling your case. Recovering from injuries takes times. It is in the client’s best interest to wait until the client’s medical condition stabilizes before settling the case. 

Medical treatment takes time

If you’ve ever tried to get into a specialist, like orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, you know it takes time. Specialists are in high demand. Your lawyer must fully understand your medical needs before settling your case. If your lawyer settles too soon, you will get less than you deserve. Your lawyer does not have control over the doctors’ schedules. You and your lawyer are both subject to the doctors’ timetables. 

Obtaining records and documents takes time

Insurance companies want to see records to support your claims. These records may include medical treatment notes, medical bills, paystubs, police reports, and other documents. It takes time to get these records. If you don’t have the records to support your claims, the insurance company will not take them seriously and you won’t get a fair recovery.

Good work takes time

No matter your craft, good work takes time. It just does. When Conybeare Law Office prepares a demand package to an insurance company, we make sure we have the documents we need, and we take the time to sit with you to really understand your story and damages. We prepare a settlement package that fully conveys your damages. Bad work leads to bad settlements. It’s worth taking the time to get it right. 

Litigation takes a long, long time

Litigation is a time-consuming process. It typically takes 9-18 months from the date a lawsuit is filed before the case resolves, but it can take a lot longer. There are many variables in the litigation timetable that your lawyer does not control, such as the defense attorney’s schedule, witnesses’ schedules, and the court’s schedule. No matter how fast you and your lawyer want to move, there are other variables that slow down a case. 

Sometimes clients are unresponsive

Your lawyer needs your help. Your lawyer needs clients to return documents and phone calls. When a client does not communicate timely, it slows down a case. An attorney-client relationship is a two-way street. 

Unreasonable reasons for why a car accident settlement sometimes takes a long time:

Like any profession, there are good lawyers and not so good lawyers. In our experience, most lawyers are professional, hard-working, ethical people. However, there are always exceptions. Sometimes cases drag on for reasons that they should not, such as laziness, disorganization, and poor communication. Sometimes lawyers are just out of touch and don’t understand their client’s pressing needs, so they don’t push their cases. 

At Conybeare Law Office, we give our clients realistic timetables, so they are informed. Sometimes our clients aren’t pleased with the information they hear, but we prefer that they have the information they need to make decisions that will help them care for themselves and their families during the case. Hard truth is better than wishful thinking. 

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