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If you were in a car accident and are thinking about a legal claim, you’re probably wondering: What if I lose? What’s my worst-case scenario? Here is some information to help. 

First, we are not out to waste your time or our time. If we take your case, it’s because we believe we can help you make a successful recovery. If we don’t think we can do that, we’ll tell you that up front and respectfully decline the case.  

Second, you will know you have a tough case long before a jury ever hears the case. We communicate with our clients throughout the process. We keep them informed. We want them to know the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, and the odds of success. No attorney can accurately predict what a jury will do. It is always possible to go to trial and lose. However, with our office, before you ever get to a courtroom, you will know your options, the amount we believe the insurance company will pay to settle, and your likelihood of success at trial. We want you to be informed so you can make the right decision for you and your family. 

What if we lose?

We are willing to take tough cases, and when you take tough cases, you sometimes lose. It happens infrequently, but it happens. So what happens when it does?

We work on a contingency fee basis. That means, if we don’t get you money, there is no attorney fee. In other words, if we don’t make a recovery, we work for free. 

Like other Michigan personal injury firms, the only thing you are required to repay if we are unsuccessful are the costs on the file. In many cases, the costs range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. More expensive cases tend to involve complex medical malpractice and product liability claims. We talk with our clients about costs if they become a factor in the litigation. Our goal is to put you in control of your case by giving you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Nobody likes to lose, especially us. However, on the rare occasion when we lose a car accident lawsuit, our clients generally still feel they were well represented. We can’t control what a jury decides, but we can control how well we present the case. Our clients will know they had advocates who did everything they could to fight for them. 

If a jury finds for the defendant, clients may also have the option of filing an appeal or asking the court to grant a new trial, depending on the circumstances. 

For information on factors that affect the value of a case, see the “How Much Will I Get for My Car Accident” section of the “How do I get paid after a car accident” blog.

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