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Worker's Compensation

Were you or someone you love hurt at work?

When you get hurt at work, your life can tailspin. Maybe you were injured in an accident. Or from doing the same motion over and over. Or your doctor has diagnosed you with an occupational disease. No matter what’s happened, it is causing more than pain. You wonder what your boss is thinking. Will you have a job when you get better? How will you pay your bills while you’re recovering? Who will take care of your family? How can you afford the rehab you need so you can go back to work? What if you can never get back to work?

We understand. 

If you’re hurt on the job in Michigan and require medical attention, it’s very likely you should be paid worker’s compensation. But some employers and their insurance companies make it tough to get it. They dispute or deny your claim. Say your injury isn’t work related. Or claim you’re an independent contractor and you’re not entitled to help. We can help you.

At Conybeare Law Office, we have more experienced worker’s compensation lawyers than any other firm in Southwest Michigan. Our top-rated attorneys help more than 100 injured workers each year. We work with our clients to get fair compensation and that results in millions annually in back worker’s compensation.You deserve to have your worker’s rights protected, too.

  • Michigan’s no-fault worker’s compensation laws help … and complicate your case. Most employers in Michigan offer worker’s compensation to employees who are hurt on the job or are diagnosed with a work-related disease. The benefits are limited. You only will receive lost wages equal to 80 percent of your after-tax weekly wage (approximately 60 percent of your take-home pay). There is also a wage loss cap that is adjusted yearly. You will also get reasonable and necessary medical and rehabilitation compensation for expenses. Because there are many rules and regulations, employers and their insurance companies often attempt to prevent you from getting your rightful benefits. We know the games they play and how to put a stop to them.

  • What types of injuries does Michigan worker’s compensation cover?
    - Traumatic physical injuries such as spinal injuries, broken bones, amputation of a limb, cuts and puncture wounds, collapsed lung, crush injuries, torn ligaments, tendons or muscles, etc.
    - Repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic tendon injuries, etc.
    - Mental injuries caused by severe stress, or violent or frightening events at work
    - Occupational diseases caused by radiation, chemical or other hazardous exposures

  • What should you bring when you meet with us? First, call us today. Even if benefits are being paid, we can help you avoid common pitfalls. Don’t put it off. We protect injured workers. We’ll walk you through your claim. When you get together with us, please bring your questions, your denial letter, any information, letters or explanations of benefits from your employer’s insurance company and your health insurance, communications from your employer and your resume. If you don’t have these things, don't worry, we’ll get started without them.

  • We know other areas of personal injury law and this matters. Our attorneys’ expertise in social security disability, personal injury and truck or auto accidents help us advise you on what you should do, what compensation you can expect and how to get it.

Our attorneys know the insurance companies and their practices as well as the area judges, doctors and opposing lawyers that will be involved in your case. So not only are we located close by to handle your needs, we understand what you’re facing and how to best help you. It’s expertise that’s definitely to your advantage.

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Give us a call. Let’s talk about what happened. There’s no charge for our consultation. We’ll only receive money for our legal services if there is a settlement. But don’t wait. The sooner we talk, the earlier you’ll know your options and the stronger case we can build for you. We’re here to make your life better.