Herald Palladium Letters to the Editor November 16, 2016


As Thanksgiving and the year-end holidays approach, the lawyers of Berrien County express their thanks and appreciation for the Berrien County Courthouse bailiffs. Our profession has the unique opportunity to see their hard work at our courthouses in St. Joseph and Niles. They treat us and our clients with courtesy and kindness, even under stressful times. They assist with paperwork, locate people and files, and keep the busy court dockets organized for efficient adjudication. They manage conflict and delicate personal matters by displaying respect to everyone.

With the tragic events of July 11, we witnessed valor, bravery and self-sacrifice, and regret that we are only able to express gratitude for the actions taken by Joe Zangaro and Ron Kienzle posthumously. We truly miss them, and offer our appreciation and deepest sympathies to their families.

To the bailiffs, sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement personnel, thank you for your courageous response on July 11. We offer our gratefulness and condolences. Godspeed, Joe and Ron.

Barry Conybeare
on behalf of and as president of
the Berrien Co. Bar Association