What you do in the hours and days immediately after a car accident that is not your fault can dramatically affect the value of your case. Here’s some things to consider.

Report the car accident


The first thing to do after a car crash is to report it to the police. Law enforcement will come to the scene to assess the situation, along with medical personnel if needed. Under Michigan law, you must report an accident immediately. The police officers will write a report detailing the accident, which can be incredibly helpful in an injury claim, as well as the vehicle property damage claim.

Gather evidence


You, family, or friends should try to gather evidence at the scene of the crash. Take photos and videos of the scene to capture the road and weather conditions, the extent of the property damage, and the types of injuries sustained in the crash. If there are witnesses to the accident, try to obtain their names and contact information, because their statements could be helpful in an injury case.

Seek immediate medical attention


It is also important to seek immediate medical attention after an accident, even if you believe that your injuries are minor. This is important for two reasons: first, it allows medical professionals to properly assess, diagnose, and treat your injuries as soon as possible. Some injuries, like internal bleeding, are incredibly serious and require immediate care, but do not cause symptoms that can be recognized outside of a healthcare facility. The second reason is that it creates a medical record immediately after the accident about the extent of your injuries. This can be essential evidence in a personal injury case if an insurance company tries to argue that your injuries are not that serious or were pre-existing or unrelated to the accident.

Talk to a qualified car accident attorney


Finally, speak with a qualified car accident lawyer, like those at Conybeare Law Office, before you talk with the insurance companies about the crash. Even if you are not at fault, insurers may try to trick you into admitting some level of guilt or by trying to obtain information to minimize your injuries and claim. An experienced attorney can protect you throughout the claims process and make sure that you receive the fair compensation you deserve.


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A car accident is a scary, painful, and traumatic experience. It can be difficult to know who to talk to after a crash, but having an experienced Michigan car accident attorney can help alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty that comes after an accident. The knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Conybeare Law Office will help you understand your rights so you feel like you in are in control, and they will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. To learn more about the wide range of legal services offered to our Michigan car accident clients, talk to our office today. Conybeare Law Office has offices in Saint Joseph and Kalamazoo, Michigan, and proudly serves all of southwest Michigan and beyond. Call or contact us for a free consultation. Remember, if it’s not fair, call the bear.