Why should I hire a Michigan car accident lawyer for a Michigan crash over an out-of-state lawyer?


One of the biggest benefits of utilizing an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer, like those at Conybeare Law Office, is that you have someone on your side who understands the details of Michigan car accident law. Every state has different laws when it comes to car accidents and personal injury claims, and Michigan is one of the few “no-fault states” for car accidents. This means that a victim’s own insurance will pay for medical bills, property damage, and other losses up to a point, regardless of who was at fault for the crash. However, under many circumstances, Michigan law provides that the victim in the accident can seek additional money for pain and suffering and other financial harms. Similarly, money for loss of financial support, love, and companionship can be pursued when a family member dies in a car accident.


There are also specific time limits in which to file a claim in Michigan, known as statutes of limitation. Under Michigan law, the time limit to file a claim against the at-fault driver is three years from the date of the accident. The time limit to submit a claim for no-fault benefits to your insurance company is one year, but there are other time limits that apply. Out-of-state lawyers often don’t know the Michigan no-fault time limits. This can have serious negative effects on your rights. Failure to file a claim within the statute of limitations will result in your case being thrown out of court and you being barred from collecting any money for your injuries. 

Michigan’s laws are different from those of other states. You wouldn’t hire a hand surgeon to do your heart surgery. Expertise matters. If you were in a Michigan crash, or you are a Michigan resident, you deserve a lawyer who knows Michigan law. Don’t settle for less.


An experienced Michigan car accident lawyer also knows how Michigan car insurance companies use Michigan Law to look out for themselves, not you


Another benefit to using an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer, like those at Conybeare Law Office, is that a Michigan attorney has the skills necessary to beat back the insurance companies when they try to point the finger at you. Michigan has laws called comparative negligence that allow insurance companies to pay less if you were partially at fault for a crash. When you are a victim of a car crash, expect the at-fault driver’s insurance company to do everything it can to point the finger at you. Even if the at-fault driver blew a stop sign, the at-fault driver’s insurance will want to take a recorded statement of you to learn any information it can to lessen the value of your case. The insurance company will likely ask you questions like, “Were you speeding?” “Were you in any way distracted?” You will be thinking, wait, he hit me. Before you know it, you may give the at-fault driver’s insurance company information it can use to lessen the value of your case, even if what you are sharing had nothing to do with how the crash happened. It is important to know how insurance companies try to protect their bottom lines so you can protect your family. Often, by the time car accident victims realize what’s happened, it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you. Conybeare Law Office can help educate you on these tactics so you don’t fall victim to them.   


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A car accident is a scary, painful, and traumatic experience. It can be difficult to know who to talk to after a crash, but having an experienced Michigan car accident attorney can help alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty that comes after an accident. The knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Conybeare Law Office will help you understand your rights so you feel like you in are in control, and they will fight to protect your rights. To learn more about the wide range of legal services offered to our Michigan car accident clients, talk to our office today. Conybeare Law Office has offices in Saint Joseph and Kalamazoo, Michigan, and proudly serves all of southwest Michigan and beyond. Call or contact us for a free consultation. Remember, if it’s not fair, call the bear.