dog biting man

Animal Attacks

Did an animal bite or attack you or someone you love?

You were walking in your neighborhood. Unprovoked, a dog darts across the street and sinks its teeth into your leg. Your dog bite scars are disfiguring and your basic health insurance won't cover plastic surgery. Or perhaps your child was playing a board game in a cousin's living room, and the family cat slashes its claws across your child's face. Your child's eyesight is affected. Fear of an animal attack happening again eats at your or your child's heart.

We understand. 

Suffering an animal attack is traumatic. Not only are you scarred physically; there are threats of infection, the fear of rabies and emotional damage. Add the complication that the animal may belong to a neighbor or relative, and you may be hesitant to take legal action. Whether you're angry with the animal owner or trying to be forgiving, let's talk. With our expertise in dog bite and animal attack laws, we'll review the circumstances of your injury and explain your legal rights. Let's protect your rights and take steps to make our communities safer.

  • There are no excuses. In Michigan, dogs do not get one "free" bite. If we can prove that you or your child was not provoking the dog and that you were legally on the premises with no intention of committing an unlawful or criminal act, then the dog owner is liable for the pet's actions. No excuses. No exceptions. The dog or animal owner is also liable, under Michigan common law, if you can prove that the owner should have known that the dog or animal could be vicious or dangerous.
  • There are leash laws in Michigan. Pet owners are required to leash their dogs and supervise their animals. If an owner neglects to do any of these things and you are hurt by an unprovoked attack, the owner is liable for any injuries you incur. The owner may also be responsible for reimbursing you for more than medical bills. Your compensation may include medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss wages.
  • What we'll need from you. We'll need information such as the animal control report, photographs of you before and after your injury, pictures of the premises where you were hurt and of the dog or animal that attacked you. We'll also ask you for information about the animal, its size, age and breed, who owns it and whether the animal's owner rents or owns a home.
  • We know other areas of personal injury law and this matters. Our attorneys have valuable knowledge and experience in personal injury, social security disability and medical malpractice laws. This helps us advise you on whether or not you have a case, what compensation you can expect and how to get it.

We know the rules of what courts consider intentionally or accidentally provoking an animal. These are rules that many lawyers do not know. Our attorneys also have worked with local doctors and expert witnesses and have earned their respect. We have faced the insurance adjusters, law enforcement, judges and opposing lawyers that will be involved with your case. So not only are we located close by to handle your needs, we also know what you're up against and how to best help you. It’s expertise that’s definitely to your advantage.

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Call us. Let’s talk about what happened. There’s no charge for our consultation. We’ll only receive money for our legal services if there is a recovery. The sooner we talk, the earlier you’ll know your options and the stronger case we can build for you. We’re here to make your life better and safer.