Vehicle Accidents

Were you or someone you love hurt in a vehicle accident?

Ever since the accident, your life has changed. Whether it involved a car, a motorcycle or 18-wheeler, someone’s carelessness has messed up your world. You want to quit hurting. Quit agonizing over how to pay your bills. Stop the crushing stress.

We understand.

When you’ve suffered a life-altering accident, we can help you through it. Our top-rated attorneys have close to 100 years combined legal experience in vehicle accident claims. We help clients get the maximum compensation they deserve. We’ll do the same for you, too.

  • Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Act impacts your claim. Michigan no-fault statutes can make it easier for you to get money for medical expenses, lost wages and loss of services following an accident in Michigan, in another state, or Canada. Our expertise will make sure you are compensated fairly for permanent disfigurement injuries, serious impairment of your body functions, and for your pain and suffering. You have rights. We’re here to protect them. For additional information about your rights following an accident with a Michigan connection, read more here.
  • Not every attorney knows how to best protect your rights after a car accident. We do. Car accidents cause the majority of traffic injuries and deaths in Southwest Michigan. Many things contribute to those accidents — speeding, reckless or distracted driving, fatigue, weather conditions and road maintenance issues. Our attorneys’ skills and experience in auto injury laws are second-to-none in this region. We are familiar with the roads you were driving on and the police agencies that responded to and investigated your accident. We also know when your injuries and pain and suffering go beyond what Michigan’s no-fault benefits cover and how to challenge the system so you get the financial help you really deserve. If you’ve been hurt, let’s talk.
  • Motorcycle accidents take expert case-building techniques; skills we offer. Insurance companies are good at putting partial, if not total blame, on motorcyclists. They’ll try to prove you were reckless or unsafe. Our knowledge of Michigan motorcycle laws and insurance company tactics can help you aggressively fight those stereotypes. We’ll work with witnesses, accident reports, physical evidence, and experts to prove you were not at fault. You’ll get your rightful compensation ... and keep your pride as a biker.
  • If you or someone you know is hurt in a semi-truck or heavy-equipment accident, you need our expertise. Truckers and trucking firms must follow state and federally mandated laws to keep other drivers safe. Unfortunately, they don’t always adhere to those regulations. That can lead to catastrophic results. Trucking accidents are often very complex and insurance companies try to minimize payout to victims like you. Our attorneys are skilled at standing up to trucking firm insurance lawyers in state and federal courts. We’ll take care of your needs.
  • We know other areas of personal injury law and this matters. Our attorneys take a big-picture view of your case. Our knowledge of social security disability, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death laws help us advise you on whether you have a case, what compensation you can expect, and how to get it.

Our attorneys have worked with local doctors and expert witnesses. We have faced the insurance adjusters, law enforcement, judges and opposing lawyers that will be involved with your case. So not only are we located close by to handle your needs, we also know what you’re up against and how to best help you. It’s expertise that’s definitely to your advantage.


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