When does Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Act apply to a vehicle accident?

Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance system applies to:

  • Michigan vehicle accidents: automobile, truck or motorcycle
  • Michigan residents with no-fault insurance coverage
  • Passengers (Michigan residents and non-residents) in vehicles registered and insured in Michigan
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists in Michigan accidents involving motor vehicles

Accidents Occurring in Michigan
The No-Fault Insurance Act applies to vehicle accidents occurring in Michigan. This is true whether you are a resident of Michigan, or a non-resident visitor traveling in a vehicle registered and insured in Michigan. The Act also applies to resident and non-resident pedestrians or bicycle riders in Michigan vehicle accidents.

Accidents Occurring in Another State, in U.S. Territories or in Canada
Even if your vehicle accident occurs in another state, in the U.S. territories or in Canada, you may be entitled to Michigan No-Fault Insurance’s economic loss benefits. To qualify, the vehicle you occupy must be registered and insured in Michigan, or you must be a Michigan resident with no-fault insurance coverage. That means, Michigan residents and non-residents may qualify for Michigan no-fault insurance benefits when hurt in accidents outside of Michigan.

What makes a Michigan no-fault connection different?

In a state without a no-fault insurance system, collecting your economic losses and pain and suffering damages from a driver involved requires a showing of fault and proof of an accident-related injury. Only then will the at-fault driver or his/her insurance company pay damages. To get the recovery you deserve in these states (such as Indiana and Illinois), it takes time and can be costly. Meanwhile, your medical bills pile up and your lost income goes unpaid.

When Michigan no-fault insurance applies, your economic damages, such as medical bills, medical mileage and income loss, are paid without regard to fault, i.e. no-fault. A claim for pain and suffering against an at-fault driver is a separate claim.

Knowing the complexities of when the Michigan no-fault insurance protections apply, and how to maximize your recovery for no-fault benefits and for your claims against an at-fault driver, are keys of focus for Conybeare Law Office. We have helped thousands of people injured in accidents.

Why do you need a Michigan attorney for no-fault insurance coverage issues?

Since the Michigan No-Fault Act was adopted in 1973. In June 2019, major legislative changes to the No-Fault Act will go into effect over the next 2 years that will have an impact on all claims arising out of a Michigan motor vehicle accident. There have been thousands of appellate court decisions interpreting it the No-Fault Act, countless publications explaining it, and annual multi-day seminars devoted to keeping attorneys up-to-date on the status of the law. No-fault insurance is a complex area of law. It is counter-intuitive and filled with landmines.

At Conybeare Law Office, we continually follow the new cases, refer to publications, and attend seminars to stay current. Because we know the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Act, lawyers from other states look to us for advice and training to help avoid the pitfalls of being less knowledgeable of Michigan no-fault insurance laws.

When there is any Michigan connection to your motor vehicle accident, we know how to evaluate and protect your interests under Michigan laws that out-of-state attorneys may not know or understand. We know the distinctions that out-of-state attorneys can easily miss. Our expertise in representing injured people has been developed over decades of practicing Michigan no-fault insurance law. Let us put our knowledge to work fighting for you.

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