There’s no one path to getting paid after a car accident. It depends on the case, but an experienced car accident law firm, like Conybeare Law Office, can help you get the best result possible. Here is some information to help you better understand the process. 

Pre-Lawsuit Settlement

Sometimes we (Conybeare Law Office) can settle a case without a lawsuit. This saves you costs and time. How’s it work? We investigate the crash, interview key witnesses, and gather key records, such as medical records, medical bills, and police reports. We tell your story to the insurance company and negotiate on your behalf. If the two sides agree on an amount, the case settles. 

Post-Lawsuit Settlement

Sometimes the insurance company won’t be reasonable, and we must file a lawsuit. If that’s what it takes to get you fair value, that’s what we are going to do. Lawsuits take time, usually 9 to 18 months. Litigation can also feel invasive because you must give a deposition and answer questions under oath. Lawsuits aren’t easy, but we will walk with you every step of the way. Sometimes you must fight. We will fight with you. 


Few lawsuits go to trial. The vast majority settle. But you want a lawyer who is going to prepare like your case is going to trial. Why? First, your case may go to trial, and we need to be ready if it does. Second, we will be able to negotiate a higher settlement if the other side believes we are ready for trial. 

Whichever path is right for you, you need a strong advocate to listen and fight for you. Insurance companies know the players. You need someone they respect. 

How Much Will I Get for My Car Accident?

Without a proper consultation, we can’t answer how much you will get paid for your car accident. We don’t know enough. The value of your case depends on several factors. Here are a few:

  • What did the other person/company do? How bad was it?

    • Did a parent turn to check on their child while driving and cause an accident (that could happen to anyone) or did a major trucking company pressure its drivers into breaking the law and driving too many hours, only to have one of its drivers fall asleep and cause the crash (big difference).

    • The actions of the at-fault party matter. 

  • Who committed the harm?

    • Jurors are more willing to punish a huge corporation than the little old lady down the street. 

  • Why did the at-fault person or company do what they did? 

    • Was it a simple mistake, or was it greed? Did a company cut corners to make more money?

    • Motives matter

  • What type of person are you?

    • Are you kind and relatable, or are you a jerk? Jerks have more of an uphill battle, thought they still deserve fairness and compensation for their injuries. 

  • What were your injuries?

    • How severe were they?

    • How are they affecting your life?

  • How much were your financial losses (medical bills, wage loss, out-of-pocket expenses)?

  • Do you have a compelling story?

    • The importance of a story doesn’t depend on how much your medical bills were or how long you were off work. Stories are about people. If you have a story that matters, people will honor it.  

  • Who is your lawyer?

    • The insurance companies know the players and adjust their valuations based on the quality of the lawyer and firm. 

  • How much will it cost the insurance company to defend the case? 

    • If a case is going to be expensive to defend, an insurance company may wish to settle it without a lawsuit.

  • Is there video or photos? 

    • Powerful video and photos can increase the value of your case. If you were hurt in a car crash, take pictures of your injuries. 

  • How much insurance coverage is there?

    • It’s difficult to get more than the available insurance and there are reasons for not doing so. The amount of insurance matters.

  • Does your lawyer do focus groups? 

    • Why does that matter? It matters a lot.

    • If your lawyer doesn’t do focus groups, they are missing valuable information and leaving money on the table. 

  • Does your lawyer listen to you? 

    • A lawyer cannot communicate someone else’s harms and losses unless the lawyer has taken the time to listen to them. 

    • You deserve a lawyer who will sit down with you and listen to your story; that’s the only way the lawyer can tell it. 

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of some of the factors that go into how much your case is worth.

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