The value of your back or neck injury settlement from a car accident may range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, depending on the circumstances. We can’t tell you the value of your case here because we don’t know enough. That said, here are some factors that can impact the value of your back or neck injury case:

  • Severity of your injuries

    • Will you get better with treatment and time or are your back and neck injuries permanent?

    • Back and neck injuries range from mild discomfort to paralysis.

  • How the injuries are impacting your life

  • What did the at-fault driver do?

    • Did a parent turn to check on their child while driving and cause an accident?

    • Did a trucking company pressure a driver into breaking the law and driving too many hours, only to have the driver fall asleep and cause the crash?

    • Was the at-fault driver drunk or on drugs?

  • Who is the at-fault driver?

    • Jurors are generally more willing to hold a large corporation accountable than a little old lady.

  • What were the at-fault driver or company’s motives?

    • Was it a simple mistake, or was it greed? 

    • Did a company cut corners to make more money?

  • Who is the victim (you)?

    • Kind people tend to do better than rude people.

  • Amount of your damages

    • Medical bills 

    • Wage loss 

    • Out-of-pocket expenses

    • Pain and suffering

  • Amount it will cost the insurance company to defend the case

    • If a back and neck injury car accident is going to be expensive to defend, an insurance company may wish to settle it without a lawsuit.

  • Existence of meaningful video or photos

    • Powerful video and photos can increase the value of a case. 

    • If you were hurt in a car crash, take pictures of your back and neck injuries. 

  • Amount of insurance available

  • Who is your lawyer?

    • Insurance companies know the players and adjust their valuations based on the quality of the lawyer and firm. 

This list is not everything that goes into the value of a back and neck injury car accident case, but it gives you an idea of some of the factors that go into how much your case is worth. For more information on the value of your case, call us. 

Getting the most out of your neck or back injury settlement

Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer. Insurance companies act quickly to limit their financial responsibility after a crash, especially when back and neck injuries are involved. For example, they often take recorded statements of crash victims to try to learn information they can use to minimize the value of their cases. The best way to prevent this is to hire a lawyer who specializes in car crash cases and knows the tricks the insurance companies use to limit their financial responsibility. Information is power. Contact a lawyer to get the information you need to protect yourself and your family. 

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